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    Steffen Bunte

    Selections from the series Proved Things (2012) and Possibilities of Himself (2011)

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    Africa’s mineral wealth and abundant natural resources are no secret. What we also know of much of these commodities is that, in many African countries, the profits yielded from the industries established with the purpose of securing the wealth and inheritance of the citizens of these nations, more often than not, end up in the hands of greedy politicians, easily bribed leaders, and in the pockets of the mostly foreign multinational CEOs and the companies they work for.

    For decades, this has been the narrative of a dire situation that only seems to be worsening, and having equally devastating effects in both the lives of those who live in these areas, and the environment surrounding them.

    Nigerian photographer, George Osodi, who comes from Nigeria’s oil rich southeastern Niger Delta region, has seen firsthand just how disastrous and traumatic the exploitation of these communities and the natural resources in these regions they occupy can be. These images show two specific areas where these distressing conditions have become the norm - in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, and in an illegal gold mine in Ghana

    Photos by George Osodi

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    The studio BVD achieved for a brand of fast-food packaging this series of “Reitan” made ​​with an aesthetic that inspires and informs the sandwich ingredients visible or not.


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    If the point of the Big Bang Theory was to show that male nerds can be just as sexist as male jocks then well done I guess

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    Girls reenacting boy selfies

    second to last has the face spot-fucking-on

    these are the best

    LOL perfection

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    The Cake I Want For My Birthday

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    Luke Dowd

    1. Color Chart

    2. Chamberlain One

    3. Drawing

    4. Floor

    5. Unfolded Moon

    6. Gray Window

    7. Chamberlain Two

    8. Black & White Screen


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    what do u mean i don’t have a social life I just went grocery shopping with my mom

    Me every Saturday.

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    23 ways feminists have made the world better for women

    It may seem like a bizarrely obvious statement, but somewhere between earning women the right to vote, pushing through legislation opening up universities to female students and advancing the Civil Rights movement (to name just a very few examples), feminism has indeed made life much, much better (and as a result, happier) — not just for American women, but American men as well. Far removed from the stereotypical and inaccurate image of the bra-burning activist, feminists have proven time and time again that women’s rights are human rights. And as the Declaration of Independence so elegantly points out, the ideals of life and liberty are intrinsically tied up with that third pursuit: happiness. 

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    Body Comparative #2 (1,2)

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    updated my society6, free shipping for today (???)

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    Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven

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